Per la presentazione di domani mattina (sarà presto tradotto)

Hi there, Gioele is speaking. I’m italian, anyone know that, right?
Being an italian, I have decided to tell you how to succeed in an italian romantic date.
Before we start, it’s necessary a clarification. As (almost) in every country of the world there are serious dates and the funny ones. I’m going to talk about serious dates, where it’s clearer to understand why italians are said to be romantic.

Another difference, that I’ll make, will be between men and women. We can’t lie: we are different and in serious dates it’s even more evident. Let’s start thinking you are men, just because I’m more familiar with.
A dress shirt is highly-recommended, dressing jeans is the best if you don’t want look too serious. A good perfume could be the key of success, but it shouldn’t be too strong. It’s better if the man pick the girl up. He can’t be late, otherwise he has just lost half of the charme (remember, this point will be quite different for women). If the man is feeling really comfortable, he can open the door of the car and let the girl enter first. For the first appointment, having a dinner together is a little bit too much. In my culture eating is considered a very important activity, share it with someone is significant. A good place for the first date could be a bar, it’s better if it’s not too noisy. As men, we want listen carefully what the girl is saying. The success of the date is also based on how much memories the man will have of the girl’s speech. It’s really meaningful if the man pay the bill, she will unconsciously think that the man is accountable and reliable. Any kind of talk about sex, very private things and inappropriate topics are discouraged. To lie is tolerated if it makes her laugh. And never try to kiss the girl in the first date: it’s the perfect way to screw the date up. To have any feedback I suggest you look any nonverbal  language (if she laugh, if she make an eye-contact, if she touch her hair frequently).

For women things are even more difficult. The make-up should’t be too heavy, the skirt not too short and the t-shirt (or the shirt) not too low-necked. She shouldn’t make evident her feelings in the first times. That’s the cornerstone a woman never should forget. Everything about feelings should be said with the nonverbal communication. The girl is supposed to be late at the first appointment but she has to apologize for it. The man will surely accept the apologizes. The perfume in a girl is really important, it’s part of the “nonverbal word” that I just mentioned. She doesn’t have to expose herself too much and she should let the man lead the conversation. When it’s time to pay, she should try to pay her part, trying to dot it as much sincere as she can. She has to be ready with the wallet and once the man has paid for her, say “thank you” and ask to pay the next time (that make implicitly clear that there will be “a next time”).  The girl must never make the first move, but just make clear that kind of move is well accepted.

To conclude I’d like to say that 70% of the success of the first date it’s based on the nonverbal talk, and the rest 30% is something that can make the real difference. Honesty and clearness are the main values that you want to follow in your first italian date. And as a sicilian saying says, “how it’ll end, it be told” :D

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