The heart-cycle

Achtung Achtung I am going to expound my new theory that clams to be universal, true and valid for each period of the Year, included April, the First and February the 29th when there is on the calendar. Actually it works just for me, I am not sure about its sensibleness and validity during the passing of the time, you should have imagined.

Even thought what I say around, emotionally I am like a quail egg: I stink and I am weakling. But with my working brain I thought a theory, again inspired by a true story: the bicycle. Indeed, the principle why it doesn’t fall. Because it’s fast, fall a bit on the right and a bit on the left and thus it stays on the middle in a sophisticated and intriguing way. But if you let it go, the bicycle unfortunately fall, I mean it fall gracelessly.
And in this way I work out, in this way my emotions work. I give to my little heart an input: four, five brasilians, a french, swiss until the God says stop (sicilian expression that means “endlessly”). I am not the italian that everyone at the school thinks I am, it’s just that I’m worried my heart-cycle all of a sudden fall. And when it falls it hurts, blood flows in the heart. A lot of blood. Explaining my metaphor, falling from the bicycle means fall in love. To me, being italian and therefore religious (irony!), it has been said to me “love your neighbor”. Thus I do it. All of a sudden I fall. Without helmet I fall (in italian sounded like a wordplay: first person singular, present simple of to fall and helmet are the same word: “casco”. It would have been: Senza casco, io casco). Falling hurts me and don’t start to tell me that all this falls are making you fall your arms (again wordplay using an italian expression, in english the same expression is said “it is off-putting”). Romantically I could say I am made for loving, engineerically I could say:

if (love()) 
     then {existence() is true;}

It doesn’t matter how you say it, what matters is what I am doing. I’m trying to protect the integrity of my emotions. Because if falling is painful I want to fall just when it is worth it.

So, even though this swiss smells like clouds before a rainstorm, look this movie with her and then drive her home. Are we understood, beast (originally in sicilian)?
And if she asks more?


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