It’s funny what happens in life. It’s funny and fun. It’d be unbelievable if my neurons weren’t there shouting “it’s real”. So it happened that I met again the woman of my life. They are all different people but equal in their being speculations of my mind. They do exist but many times they don’t know me. This last one acknowledged I am real, which is always nice. Not only I spoke to her but I also heard her laughs and saw her tears of which I am not accountable. Her punk haircut contrasts dramatically with the cuteness of her face, her being so outgoing scares me: she is a fucking mysterious being and that makes her interesting to me. That and the fact she is a smart blondie.
Those were my thoughts while leaving the place where she is supposed to work at, listening proudly Creep.
In an attempt to move to the next level of creepiness.

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